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  • Course Fee: 10000 PKR
  • Discounted Fee: 6500 PKR
  • International Users will pay $37
  • Class Time: 9:00 to 10:30
  • 4 Days a Week: Monday to Thursday
  • Course Duration: Approximately 6 to 7 weeks


In this Adobe Illustrator Advanced course we’ll learn Advanced techniques for graphic design, logo design, print design, typography etc.

The contents of this course are divided precisely and even a beginner can understand and feel confident about Illustrator. Overall this is a wonderful course for anyone who wants to kick start with Adobe Illustrator!

More about Adobe Illustrator:

  • Illustrator is the industry-standard vector graphics application that lets you create logos, icons, typography and complex illustrations for print, web, interactive, video and mobile devices.
  • Its time saving features allow users to create work quickly and efficiently at the highest professional standard.

Course Duration: Approximately 6 to 7 weeks

You’ll Learn


Mastering Tools

Mastering advanced Illustrator tools and techniques

How to Design

Preparing graphics for web and print

Colors & Typography

How to use colors and typography in your design in a professional way


Marketing Material

Flyers, Brochures, Banners, Social Media Kit and more..


Logos & Branding

How to design professional logos & brand identity for company



Practice everything you learn with provided assignments

Course Outline

We’ll start with basic tools, interface and setting up your artboards etc. You’ll learn different techniques how to use your tools in better way to create different vector graphics.

  • Basic Tools
  • Shape Builder, Path Finder
  • Pen Tool
  • How to Raster to Vector
  • Brushes
  • Width Tool



  • Training will be live through Zoom & Facebook Live.
  • You must have a computer or pc and an active internet connection.
  • You must need to install required software Adobe Illustrator in your PC
  • You must have a Zoom & Facebook Account
  • You will be invited to join a Private group
  • Classes will held between 9:00 pm to 10:30 (Night)
  • Lecture duration is between 60 to 90 minutes.
  • 30 Minutes will be for discussion or queries after lecture.
  • Lectures will remain saved in the Group so you can watch again.
  • For assignments you must join a Google Classroom (link will be provided)
  • 24/7 Support Available from Trainer


  • Ask questions
  • Respect and listen to your classmates
  • Respect and listen to the trainer
  • Be on time
  • Have a good attitude
  • Use positive language, No Harassment
  • Be respectful of others’ ideas
  • Be proud of your work
  • Bad behavior will not be tolerated and person will be kicked from group


Arslan Ali

Arslan is an amazing graphic designer and instructor having 15 years of experience in graphic design field. Best known for logo design and has designed thousand of logos for different customers around the world.

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Out of stock

57 reviews for Adobe Illustrator Live Training

  1. Umar Farooq (verified owner)

    I am so happy to be a student sir arsalan. Sir arsalan have an excellent teaching method.

  2. Said.muqeem (verified owner)

    The overall experience of the course was really amazing the instructor has covered all the topics mentioned in the course description having a high level of motivation and dedication throughout the course. Regular Assignments and discussions make the course more interesting and engaging.
    the course duration was 7 weeks and I could feel the difference in my design in the 3-4 weeks which shows the effectiveness of the course. If you are someone who wants to learn something this is the right place for you. Looking forward to more courses to learn more.

  3. Ayesha Masood (verified owner)

    I am more than happy to attend Illustrator training from Sir Arslan. His way of teaching is Excellent. He explains each and every step in detail. Thanks a lot sir. Highly recommended

  4. Muhammad Bilal Ahmed (verified owner)

    Today I am feeling proud and it’s my fortune i got chance to learn from Sir Arsalan Ali.
    He is punctual.
    He gave our batch proper time.
    He answered almost all reasonable question.
    He taught us according to course outline.
    He maintained the balance of Teaching for beginner, intermediate and professional students.
    Thank you Sir for polishing our skills.
    Best Regards
    Allah Bless You Every Step of Life

  5. Muhammad Nouman Asghar (verified owner)

    I am very happy to take this amazing course by Sir Arslan Ali. The Instructor is great his teaching skills are excellent. The way he explains a topic is very effective and easy to understand. Before I took this course, I knew nothing about brainstorming, strong logo design features, and branding. This course helps me a lot to increase my skills and confidence level.

    I am very proud and it is my good fortune that I got the opportunity to learn from Sir Arsalan Ali. I highly recommend it to everyone to take this course. Thank you very much, Sir Arsalan Ali, May Allah grant you more success in your life.

  6. sandeep rawat (verified owner)

    I’m sandeep Rawat from Nepal. I knew nothing about illustrator before but as soon as I started taking class by Arslan sir it made a huge impact. I learnt a lot. It helped me lot improving in graphic designing and gained a huge knowledge which I could have never learnt anywhere else.

  7. Syes Shuja Ali Naqvi (verified owner)

    So, I have no words for this amazing course! This course provided so much knowledge and by the hard work of Sir. Arsalan, I have learned so many new things, before purchasing this course, I was a bit scared but now I am 1000000% satisfied and ready to purchase the next Photoshop course. In addition to this amazing course, I got connected to A legend teacher, he is always ready to help us and simply, I loved this course. If someone wants to start freelancing as a graphic designer, invest only 32$ and then be ready to earn 1000s dollars! Amazing course, an amazing teacher and Great knowledge! Thank you so much, Sir. And be ready to have me in your photoshop course! 😀

  8. Syeda Naqvi (verified owner)

    Sir Arsalan is an excellent graphic design teacher! Super knowledgeable and engaging, presented material clearly.
    One of the best training workshops I have ever attended.He provided a lot of information and many quick tips that are very useful in our workforce.
    The assignments were perfect and gave me the design skills that I needed.It was really an awesome training!
    I would love to attend future classes with Sir.

  9. Mehfooz Rehman (verified owner)

    Thanks for being my teacher. Just because of Sir Arslan, I’m confident about my design skill. The way of teaching and skill support was very appreciatable. The real teacher gives the belief that you can this & and you’re one of those.

    May Allah bless you more.

  10. Hamza Shafqat (verified owner)

    One of the best courses I have taken by far. Everything from the videos to assignments is amazing and informative. It has helped me tremendously. I encourage everyone to take it.

  11. FARHA NAZ (verified owner)

    ASSALAM ALAIKUM SIR. before joining this course i did not have any idea about this software and work also. But now i can easily say that i have too much idea just because of you… JAZAK ALLAH SIR. you taught us with amazing effort really sir… each and every point you cleared whatever we asked… thank you so much for this effort and guidance….

  12. Muhammad Aaqib (verified owner)

    It was an amazing course. I was much familiar with Ai tools and other things, but I learned a lot of new things, new techniques, new methods, and the most important thing is I learned how to sell graphic design. We all trying hard to get sales on different freelance marketplaces, but sir Arslan shares amazing methods to earn without working on the freelance market.

  13. sahib samar (verified owner)

    It’s an honor to be a student of Sir Arsalan. On which purpose I joined this course, is fulfilled because of his excellent teaching method. And I feel a lot of improvement in my gfx skills in these 7 weeks. Sir Arsalan not only teach us illustrator but also share different platform where the student can earn. I must say he is a good mentor and a good person.

  14. Afaque Abbasi (verified owner)

    I’m glad to take this astonishing course by Sir Arslan Ali. The Instructor is extraordinary, his training abilities are incredible. The manner in which he clarifies a point is extremely powerful and straightforward. Before I took this course, I thought nothing about conceptualizing, solid logo configuration highlights, and marking. This course encourages me a ton to build my abilities and certainty level.

    I’m glad and it is my favorable luck that I got the chance to gain from Sir Arsalan Ali. I enthusiastically prescribe it to everybody to take this course. Much thanks, Sir Arsalan Ali, May Allah award you more accomplishments in your life.

  15. Wajid hussain (verified owner)

    Salam walaikum
    I very happy to joined design academy course. Thank you arslan ali sir.
    Its true as arsalan sir said ‘you will learn and start earn’ in this valuable course. method of teaching is says all about this from beginning to end.
    Sir teach us how to creat original design and provide us all mockup as well.
    I am sure all enrolled students will advantage of this.

    Thank you

  16. Talha mughal (verified owner)

    Assalam u alikum main bohat zyada khush hu is training se or sir arslan k samjhany k tareeke se ab main kisi bhi kisam ka kam krna ho AI per main kr leta hu ab to bohat ideas bhi ate hain kam krne k liye or pehle ager kuch bnata to mujhe khud ko pasand ni tha ata magar ab bohat kuch kr leta hu allhamdulillah ye sab sir arslan ki waja se he hai inshallah next jitne bhi course ho ge sir k designing k relivant main zaroor lu ga

    in short
    I am very happy with this training.

    Thanks Sir Arslan

    Thanks Design accademy team.

  17. Kashif Zaman (verified owner)

    That was an amazing experience with sir Arslan in learning adobe illustrator. I will definitely recommend to everyone for learning any graphic design course from sir Arslan.

  18. Sufyan Ali (verified owner)

    I am 100% satisfied after learning from Sir Arslan. I am Thankful to you Sir for sharing your premium time only for 32$. We Will Always Looking Forward to learning something else from you, Sir.

  19. Muhammad Kashif Hussain (verified owner)

    I am totally new to the design and freelancing world. But I learned a lot of techniques in a highly professional way. The method of teaching is just awesome. I will highly recommend every beginner to start this course before working on any freelance market. Thank you

  20. alibhai (verified owner)

    I got to learn a lot from the Sir Arsalan in this course. Classroom with him was so pleasant. In the future, my success in freelancing will be completed with the name of 😍 Sir Arslan 😍
    Thank u sir
    Slamat rahain

  21. Apoorv Kumar (verified owner)

    This Training was AMAZING.!

    Nice to find someone so committed in helping others by sharing his precious knowledge & experiences. 

    Sir Arslan has covered all the topics mentioned in the description of the training. I can even say that he has taught more than that.
    Got to learn a lot of new techniques, tips & practical skills.

    Above all,
    Sir Arslan is such a big hearted and honest person.There is nothing more beautiful than a kind person with a big heart.

    I am happy and satisfied with Adobe Illustrator Live Training. I recommend everyone to take this course.

    -Apoorv Kumar from India.🌷

  22. Qasim Ahmad Mansoor (verified owner)

    I have been learning “Adobe Illustrator” from Sir Arlsan Ali and it has been a great experience. He is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how he presents the material. His lessons were engaging, useful, and he was very patient with everyone in class always encouraging his students to try. I highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning.

    Thank you so much Sir! May Allah bless you more. ❤

  23. uzair rasool (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed and learnt from this online course. Your teaching method is good. I am glad to have you as the best instructor in “ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR”. Your method is really encouraging for us.

    May ALLAH bless you with more success and more knowledge 💖

  24. NASIR ALI (verified owner)

    ALHUDULIALH SUM ALHUMDULILAH My experience with this course has been Excellent,
    The way of teaching and the order of the classes was really great and the series of questions that were asked in the end was also brilliant, After this i am able to do Freelancing and Earn, Also Sir Arslan is such a big hearted and honest person. I am really enjoyed this course And learned a lot, Moreover When a person shares his experience with us, we learn in a matter of moments what he would have learned over a long period of time. Sir ARSLAN learned a lot from what he shared his experience.
    Thank you from the bottom of my Heart Sir Arslan , May Allah blesses you more. ❤

  25. Sobia Iqbal (verified owner)

    This is the BEST online course I’ve taken.

    I feel proud to be a student of sir Arsalan. He has an excellent teaching method. He covered all the topics, deliver the lecture on time and reply in a very good way to all our queries. He is so punctual and such a loyal and honest person.

    Overall, I consider this a great course, with a great instructor and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

    This has more than met my expectations.

    May Allah put barakah in your time and May Allah gives you the reward you deserve.
    Thank you so much, Sir Arsalan.

  26. Shahid Abbas (verified owner)

    “Arsalan did a great job as the instructor, what I needed to know about Adobe Illustrator. Each lesson was beneficial to me and was clearly taught. He is clearly very knowledgeable when it comes to design and Illustrator. The class went by quickly but I did not feel overwhelmed with the material. I am glad that it was hands-on because it was helpful to practice each lesson as we covered new material, Highly recommended.” Thanks and regards

  27. Muhammad Anjum (verified owner)

    Today I am feeling proud and it’s my fortune I got a chance to learn from Sir Arsalan Ali.
    So, I have no words for this amazing course! This course provided so much knowledge and by the hard work of
    Sir. Arsalan, I have learned so many new things, I am totally satisfied with this course.
    I encourage everyone to take it will give an advantage.
    Thanks for being my teacher.
    May ALLAH bless you with more success and more knowledge.

  28. Ramisha Anwar (verified owner)

    This course is one of the best online courses at such a reasonable price. Sir Arslan is very professional and his way of teaching is simple yet amazing. The best part of this course is you can watch the course related videos even after the live session. My overall experience with DesignAcademy was very good. Highly recommended.

  29. Nawaaz K (verified owner)

    Awesome content. outstanding knowledge. great to learn with. Always dealing in future.

  30. Qazi Anwar (verified owner)

    Excellent course, the course is designed in such a way that you will feel confident about using Adobe Illustrator within a short span of time. Also, what I really like is the bonus freelancing course. I will be definitely signing up for his Adobe Photoshop course as well 🙂

  31. Huzaifa Azeem (verified owner)

    This Course is Awesome as its creator, Sir Arslan has a great experience. He is very professional with his work. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wants to build a career in the Graphic Designing field.

  32. Rafiq Shah (verified owner)

    This is the most detailed course I have learned about Illustrator, from basic to depth everything is simplified. Amazing, Thank you!

  33. Samreen Kanwal (verified owner)

    Outstanding Experiences! Basic to complete advanced graphic design and freelancing course. This course is perfect for all beginners and advanced levels. 100 percent recommended!

  34. Kheman sing Somai magar (verified owner)

    It is a really amazing course. The trainer is clear and full of knowledge. I’ve learned a lot of new things. Hence, this proved to be a good value for the money course to me.

  35. Asif Khan Bahadur (verified owner)

    A massive course full of knowledge, this course is helpful specially to beginners as Sir Arslan’s way of teaching is clear and concise (more practical, less theory). I’m no new to illustrator but still, I am learning from this. Isn’t it awesome?

  36. Farhad Rajab (verified owner)

    I guess I was lucky enough that I enrolled in this course. It is wonderful and complete work. Live Sessions, Valuable information, Practical exercises, Assignments and Marking, Enough hours to show every detail. Thankyou Sir Arslan.

  37. Abdullah Faizan (verified owner)

    The course is organized well. I learned a little illustrator before and I can say that even in lessons about parts that I already know, I always learned something new! Plus how can I forget the FREE Freelancing course!!! Wonderful experience it was.

  38. Zain Ul Abedin (verified owner)

    The teaching method is good and easy to understand. This course is very important to me and much better than I expected. Amazing content. Highly recommended.

  39. Muhammad Sohaib (verified owner)

    Yes, it’s an amazing course. You get to understand each and every part of the software. I would recommend everyone struggling with illustrator to join the course so that they can be cleared with their basics.

  40. Ahmad Abdullah (verified owner)

    The course was good and the way it covered everything with examples was awesome. I liked it a lot. It helped me to be an advanced user from a beginner, Thankyou for the knowledge.

  41. AWAL KHAN (verified owner)

    Really informative and amazingly explained every tool and use of it. Time to time assignments helped me a lot to grasp the learning in a much better way. Really great and totally recommended for anyone who wants to learn to use adobe illustrator from scratch to know everything about the software.

  42. Aqsa Mubeen (verified owner)

    This is one of the best Adobe illustrator courses. This course is unique, for it helped me understand the different tools and how one can use them in a very creative way. Sir Arslan is an excellent instructor and he explains everything very well. One can consider this to be a master course. Already having knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, this course helped me understand many of the hidden functions and creative tools. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to upskill their illustrator knowledge and use these skills in a creative way. Practice makes perfect. This was an excellent course and I look forward to learning with sir Arslan again.

  43. Nasir Mahmood (verified owner)

    The mentor explained the AI tools and techniques clearly and repeatedly as necessary throughout the lessons. Thank you for your good teaching.
    I finished the course and have learned a lot about AI. The mentor was engaging throughout the course and passionate about teaching. As a result, the course was fun to follow enabling one to retain information for practical application. Thank you very much, Sir Arslan Ali.

  44. Usama Arshad (verified owner)

    I’m self-taught with illustrator and do design work for friends using the software. This class starts at the beginning and while the first classes are basic, there are lots of tricks and tips that I didn’t know as someone that is self-taught, I’m finding it very helpful.

  45. Safia Taj (verified owner)

    I already had previous experience using Adobe Illustrator and was searching for a course that would help me learn other skills and tools that I do not use very often. This offers exactly what I was searching for. Sir Arslan goes above and beyond to explain in detail every tool and also how to use them efficiently. I am very thankful for your course, May Allah bless you more.

  46. Zari K (verified owner)

    It’s really perplexing to find the suitable words to explain how this course was as it was beyond my imagination how I thought before joining this course. I knew the basics of Adobe illustrator already but the way The Legend Sir Arslan Ali taught this course is just amazing! It was really an astonishing and unique way to complete the each and every details in a smart way. There may be alot of teachers to teach Adobe illustrator course but his way of teaching is just classy to satisfy each and every student . I would highly recommend to all the students of graphic design of they are beginner or pro as Sir Arslan not only teach the tools but concepts, ways to sell your work on multiple platforms and many more……

  47. Karamat Ali (verified owner)

    I can pay more for this course.

  48. khushihashim56 (verified owner)

    Sir Arslan is a professional no doubt. The way he designs, even a simple thing, he gives it a professional look. i’m really lucky to have enrolled in this course all the things we learned and only under 5000 rupees, that’s crazy. the classes are really fun sir makes it really fun too. he has given me a direction when i didn’t know where to start. massive respect for you sir.

  49. kiranwazeer1992 (verified owner)

    Sir Arsalan isn’t just a teacher who teach but an inspiration to many of us. The way he teaches and make you understand small details is really commendable. He won’t just teach you basic tools but to utilize them in best way possible. It was an amazing journey with Sir Arsalan and I hope that this just doesn’t stop here and we will continue working with him in future.

  50. Rauf Khan (verified owner)

    sir arsalan is a pure gem the best mentor in world the way he teaches is incredible the way he teaches is unique
    I feel proud to be a student of sir Arsalan
    i encourage everyone to take it will give an advantage.
    Thanks for being my teacher.
    May ALLAH bless you with more success

  51. Bilal Shahid (verified owner)

    Just buy the course and learn from Sir Arslan. He is the best. May ALLAH Bless him more Success.

  52. Mohsin Shahzad (verified owner)

    It is a great time with sir Arslan.

  53. yassar alam khan (verified owner)

    میرا نام یاسر عالم خان ہے اور میں یو-اے-ای میں رہتا ہوں میں پچھلے ڈیرہ سال سے گرافک ڈیزائننگ سیکھنے کی کوشش کر رہا تھا لیکن میں کسی بھی طرح اپنے اندر ایک صلاحیت محسوس نہیں کر رہا تھا کے میں نے گرافک ڈیزائن سیکھ لی ہو میں نے اپنی سکلز کو بہتر کرنے کے لئے پاکستانی ایک لاکھ روپے سے زائد پیسے خرچ کئے یہاں یو-اے-ای میں ایک انسٹی ٹیوٹ میں داخلہ بھی لیا جسکی پاکستانی تقریبا ستر ہزار روپے فیس بھی دی لیکن مجھے وہاں بھی صرف ٹولز ہی سکھائے گئے جو کے پہلے سے ہی میں نے کچھ آن لائن کورسز سے سیکھ چکا تھا میرے لئے ٹولز کا سیکھنا کافی نہیں تھا میں کوشش کر رہا تھا میں سکلز حاصل کر سکوں جب میں کام کروں تو پتا ہو کے میں کیا اور کیوں کر رہا ہوں اتنے پیسے خرچ کرنے کے باوجود بھی میری مہارت بہتر نہیں ہو رہی تھی ایک دن میں یو ٹیوب پر ایک ٹاپک سرچ کر رہا تھا تو وہاں سر ارسلان کی ویڈیو دیکھنے کو ملی میں نے ویڈیو دیکھنے کے بعد ڈیزائن اکیڈمی کی ویب سائٹ سرچ کی تو دیکھا کے سر ارسلان کورس بھی کروا رہے ہیں میں نے وہاں سے نمبر لیا اور سر سے رابطہ کیا تو اس ٹائم رجسٹریشن بند تھی اسی دوران میں نے یواے ای میں ایک انسٹیوٹ میں داخلہ لے لیا اور کلاسز چل رہی تھیں اللہ کی کرنی ایسا ہوا کے میری آخری کلاس تھی میں نے ڈیزائن اکیڈمی کی ویب سائٹ بغیر کسی وجہ کے اوپن کی تو وہاں دیکھا کے الیسٹریٹر کی رجسٹریشن ہو رہی ہے اسی لمحے سر سے رابطہ کیا تو سر نے بتایا کے آج رجسٹریشن کا آخری دن ہے اور ہماری سیٹس بھی پوری ہو چکی ہیں سر کو تھوڑا بہت بتانے کے بعد مجھے موقع مل گیا کے رجسٹرڈ ہو گیا فیس وغیرہ بھی بھیج دی کہاں ایک لاکھ اور کہاں صرف پانچ ہزرا میرے لئے بہت حیرت کی بات تھی خیر ہماری کلاسز شروع ہو گئی دوران ٹریننگ میں جس چیز کی تلاش میں تھا پہلی کلاس میں ہی میرے اندر اتنی امید پیدا ہوئی کے میں یہاں سے واقعی کچھ سیکھ جاؤں گا سر نے جس طرح پڑھایا میرے بیسک کانسپٹس کلئیر ہوتے ہو گئے مجھے پہلے اتنا نہیں پتا تھا کے کلرز ٹائپو گرافی بھی ایک کمیونیکیشن ہے اللہ کا شکر ادا کرتا ہوں کے مجھے جوسر ارسلان کی کلاسز کے بعد سیکھنے کو ملا میری پورے ڈیڑھ سال کی کوشش اور پیسے لگانے کے باوجود بھی پہلے نہیں مل سکا ابھی بائیس کلاسز ہی لیں تھیں کے میں اپنے اندر محسوس کر رہا تھا اب کہیں مجھے جاب تلاش کرنی چاہئے اپنے کیرئیر کا آغاز کر سکوں آن لائن جاب سرچ کی اللہ کی مدد اور سر ارسلان کی ٹریننگ کی بدولت تین جگہ سے مجھے ٹیسٹ
    انٹرویو کی کال آئی میں نے تینوں جگہ پہ کوالیفائی کیا
    آج الحمداللہ میں مطئن ہوں کے اللہ نے سر ارسلان کی بدولت میری کوشش کو کامیابی میں بدلا میں نے اس کلاس کے دوران نا صرف الیسٹریٹر سیکھا بلکہ سر نے آن لائن ارننگ جیسا کے فائیور وغیرہ بھی مکمل سکھایا میں اللہ کو گواہ رکھ کر یہ رائے قائم کر رہاہوں اور آخر میں سر کا بے حد شکریہ ادا کرتا ہوں اللہ نے مجھے اتنے عظیم استاد سے میری زندگی کو بھر پور کر دیا

  54. Muhammad Usman (verified owner)

    Great Experiences!👍 He is a great Teacher. 🥰 110% recommend because we’ve learned meany, more things for the start of online journey. Really great experience ♥️. Best teacher for learn graphic designing.🏅

    Thanks sir

  55. Mohsin Shahzad (verified owner)

    Great teacher.
    I don’t have words to explain him.
    Very very thanks to sir Arslan Ali.

  56. zavrin (verified owner)

    I am Muhammad Ajmal.I knew nothing about illustrator before but as soon as I started taking class by Sir Arslan Ali it made a huge impact. I learnt a lot. It helped me lot improving in graphic designing and gained a huge knowledge which I could have never learnt anywhere else.would love to attend future classes with Sir Arslan Ali.Great teacher.Very very thanks to Sir Arslan Ali.

  57. Manal Ali (verified owner)

    Very detailed, informative and helpful course. Every confusion was cleared and Sir Arslan helped alot. I will recommend him to all who want to be professional Graphic designer.

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